AJ5D embodies green living, our procurement products and services are sourced as sustainable as possible. Wherever we can deliver on sustainable solutions, we do. Together, we can deliver a sustainable project that saves time, resources, money, and reduces any negative pressure on the planet. Sustainability in procurement means that the products and services we use are sourced as sustainably as possible. It also means that our suppliers are working in alignment with sustainable practices and that we are collectively reducing our impact on the planet through the work we do.


The wisdom that nature takes precedence in anything we do a focus on women, curiosity and passion. Remaining truthful to our understandings and working with and maintaining integrity at all times. Having an eye for things that others wouldn’t see combined, all these symbolizations bring about a balance to the organization and ultimately a level of quality and service that is unmatched. We believe the universe gives you what you give, this is why we give everything of ourselves, our experience and our capabilities to serve our clients. It is the only way we know how to work.

We believe that travel and experience go hand in hand. We travel the world to bring new, cutting edge design and inspiration that is yet to be seen to our clients. This unique approach allows us to consistently innovate, incorporating different cultural elements into our strategic sourcing and everything we do.

We believe in building lasting relationships. We work with our clients, not separate to them. This allows us to resonate with their ideas and intentions. We continue working with them long after the project is complete to ensure that every detail is covered and optimal value is delivered.

We believe in honesty, accountability and transparency. Clear, open and honest communication is at the core of our success. We work in close collaboration with our hospitality interior design clients throughout the project process ensuring that we are transparent in our dealings, and that we assume full accountability where necessary.

We believe that positive energy begets positive energy. This is why we are able to work tirelessly to see all projects to completion, within time and budget, but we do it with full hearts and in full consciousness. This only adds to our capabilities and enables us to push further, for longer, until we are 100% confident in our deliverables.

We believe that we are constantly evolving and improving and so is our work. At AJ5D, we are constantly striving above and beyond our inherent capabilities. Any opportunity we have to improve our skill set to make us an industry leader in our field.